Who's involved?

Jeffrey Buras, Your Input Needed Director

Jeffrey Buras


Documentary Filmmaker, Cinematographer, Austin resident and American University graduate.

Liza Gipsova, Your Input Needed Director of Photography

Liza Gipsova


Multidisciplinary creative, Curiouser Creative co-founder, American University graduate and DC-area native.

Winston Hoy, Your Input Needed Co-Producer

Winston Hoy


Self-taught filmmaker and web developer, Curiouser Creative co-founder and non-profit activist.

Samantha Rae Lopez, Your Input Needed Social Media & PR Director

Samantha Lopez


Film crowdfunder, software engineer, maker of change and opportunity in Texas.

What's the Story?

We, as a society, are in the midst of a radical shift in the way we produce goods. View the concept video.

The rapid, open and collaborative nature of the internet combined with micro-manufacturing technology and decentralized organizing tactics has transformed community landscapes, product markets and nearly every aspect of our lives. The explosion of open information, technology, and crowdsourcing is driving new ideas, empowering people, and building communities; but will it threaten economies, public welfare, and our way of living?

Your Input Needed is an open source, feature-length documentary exploring the huge changes on the horizon, and your input is, in fact, needed!

How Can You Help?

We're currently interviewing hackers, makers, movers and shakers. Every interview and video clip we've recorded is publicly available for you view and download, but also to comment, contribute to and share. It's all happening at HitRecord.com.

We currently need your help sharing the project with the community. For more information or get involved with the core team, e-mail us at info@yourinputneededmovie.com.

Want Updates?

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